Student of the Month


Desi Wetherbee has been chosen as the Northport elementary student of the month for March 2018. Desi is an all-around star student and demonstrates wildcat pride every single day. Desi’s leadership and kindness is contagious to fellow students. She is eager, enthusiastic, and inquisitive about learning both in and out of school. Desi stands out as a bright shining star this year because she is so patient when helping other students. She lends a hand wherever needed, with a smile on her face. Desi is also determined to be the best version of herself that she possibly can! That is what being a role model is truly all about. Congratulations to Miss Desi Wetherbee!

Middle School

Dashel Courson has proven himself to be an important member of the Middle School at Northport Public School.  Dashel participates in discussions, offers information, reads willingly, and writes with creativity.  Dashel has also been voted Middle School Class President by his peers in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and has embraced the responsibility.  It has also become obvious that Dashel is committed to constantly improving himself academically and behaviorally.  Throughout this school year Dashel has become a student for others follow.  Congratulations Dashel for being chosen Northport Middle School Student of the Month! 

High School

Sarah Reynolds is an exemplary candidate for March student of the Month. One of her accomplishments this month was she ran a 5K for extra credit in Advanced PE. Also, she hosted a bleeding control class for my HS Health class as part of her Senior Project. She was also recognized as the Female Scholar Athlete of the Winter.

Sarah embodies what a Student of the Month should be. There is not a female in the school that selflessly contributes more to the school than her.  As a three sport athlete, she attends practice everyday after school for the entire year. Despite this commitment, she has also served as a lead role in the fall play and is gearing up for another feature. On top of all her commitments, she is a member of the NHS, and maintains an above 3.5 cumulative GPA.

The purpose of the award was to acknowledge students that are consistently great. Throughout her career at Northport, Sarah has served as one of the most helpful, kind, and involved students in our school.